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Complete pest control and removal services

MSI Termite and Pest Control is here to help you keep your home and business free from pests, wildlife, and termites.


We'll arrive faster, take care of you better, and appreciate you more than others. All wildlife exclusions are guaranteed for up to 1 year.

Save big on any service offered by our local, family owned and operated business today.


We offer discounts for teachers, seniors, firemen, police, and disabled military veterans. Get $50 off new termite treatments and $25 off the initial pest control service.

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Complete pest control and removal services

We believe that all creatures have the right to coexist with us.


We know we were put here, to have dominion over all creatures that God has put here, for a purpose.


We know that insects are food for many creatures.


We know that termites clean up dead wood and are beneficial in any setting, except our homes.


Therefore, as steward of the earth, we spray, bait, and control target pests that have made their homes around or in our homes and businesses, where they cannot live for the sake of our health and pets.


With cooperation from our homeowners and by using responsible pest control, we can protect your health and home and still be good caregivers of our earth.


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John McElroy, CEO

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